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e-ternity’s Black Belt Business Continuity Maturity Model  Grades a Company’s Disaster Preparedness Level Compared to Other Similar Organizations

business continuityMississauga, ONTARIO (October 7, 2013) — e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants, a leading consulting services organization that provides monthly cloud-based services that guarantee business continuance to customers internationally, today announced the release of the industry’s first business continuity grading system.  For the first time ever, businesses will be able to quantify and compare their own level of disaster preparedness compared to other similar organizations using common scoring criteria.

Businesses intuitively understand the benefits of preparing for a variety of threats such as power outages, fires, floods, and severe weather disruptions.  However, most businesses are curious about their own preparation investments vs. other similar organizations.  Until now, there has never been a formal rating system to systematically grade one organization against another.  With today’s announcement, businesses are finally able to understand the extent of their capabilities using e-ternity’s color-coded system that assesses and grades a business’s disaster preparedness to let them know how truly prepared they are.    

The e-ternity Black Belt Business Continuity Maturity Model provides a disaster preparedness assessment based on scores across eight different categories.  Businesses receive a colored belt rating that mimics the martial arts belt system (e.g., white is beginner, yellow is intermediate, brown is advanced, black is expert).  It also provides direct insight into the areas that need attention to upgrade their status to the next level.

“With e-ternity’s Black Belt Business Continuity Maturity Model organizations can identify and prioritize the improvements that need to be made to specific areas of their business to reach an acceptable level of disaster preparedness.”— Greg Onoprijenko, President, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sales for e-ternity.

A common challenge that exists with organizations is communicating the current preparedness capabilities to both internal employees and to external organizations who are dependent on an uninterrupted supply chain.  Those companies that adopt this maturity model will finally have an easy-to-understand scorecard, audited by an expert third party consulting firm, that successfully communicates the accomplishments of their business continuity planning efforts.

Once an organization is assigned a ‘belt’ status, e-ternity helps move them through the belt system at their chosen pace and to their chosen destination, but not all companies will achieve the coveted black belt,’ explained Anthony Coxall, e-ternity’s Manager of Business Continuity Management Services.  “As with the martial arts, achieving e-ternity’s Black-Belt status requires the ultimate discipline, focus, and commitment.”

To help their clients and other businesses in need of improvement, e-ternity is offering a 50% discount on any Black Belt Assessment booked before December 1st, 2013. For more information about e-ternity’s Black Belt Business Continuity Maturity Model, or to sign up for an assessment, visit:https://www.e-ternity.ca/black-belt, email: info@e-ternity.ca, or call (416) 410-2142.

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