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Mark, Fred and Jeff at Orange County’s KME Systems have it figured out.  This Orange County IT Support company shares their stories of success with everyone they meet, especially new prospects and the media.  They have a couple of awesome client success stories and their MSP business development consultant continues to push them for more.

What are you doing to share the great work your MSP is doing out there?

If you are like most managed service providers, you are not doing anything.  My research has shown that less that 5% of MSPs globally are actively sharing success stories with the media, prospects and clients.  Less are putting them on their own websites.  Why is that?

This is a proven winning formula!  Just ask Calgary IT Consulting specialist Carl Fransen, who does nothing but share how his firm CTECH helps business in Calgary.

KME is doing it. (Read how KME helped save an Orange County business $50,000)

Infinity Network in Macon, GA does it.

Why aren’t you?  Stop screwing around here and take your MSP marketing seriously.  If you don’t know where to turn, use the form to the right here on the website and get in touch with us.  If you are not on the website, email me at and let’s have a chat.

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