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You’ve made it. You’re a Microsoft Partner. Better yet, you’ve achieved more than one Microsoft competency. But you’re ambitious, and you want people to know what you can do. Ulistic can help.  Stuart Crawford has won Microsoft IMPACT awards with two Managed Service Providers for their solutions in the Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta markets.  In addition, IT Matters and Bulletproof InfoTech were both recognized on the Microsoft International stage 5 years in a row for their small business IT solutions, Windows Server solutions and Linux to Windows migrations.

As a Microsoft Partner and someone who has won the Microsoft IMPACT Small Business Specialist award twice, Ulistic founder Stuart Crawford knows how to write award-winning content that could help you garner something like a World Partner Conference award.

Stuart knows what accomplishments you should present and how to present them in a way that would make anyone stand up and take notice. Remember, you’re competing with the best of the best in your industry. You’ve all provided your clients with some amazing solutions. So, it all comes down to presentation. And as any great chef can tell you, presentation is everything.

Just ask Chef Gordon Ramsey, and he’ll tell you that making a great dish alone isn’t enough. The meal has to be presented in such a way that it makes a diner’s mouth water with anticipation. It looks that appetizing. Well, the same thing is true for you.

It’s not enough that you saved five clients in five different industries from the brink of disaster by coming up with innovative, avant-garde solutions that were tailored to each company. No, you’ve got to present how you came up with and implemented those solutions in a way that has your audience so enthralled that when your story ends, they feel bereft. Ulistic can help you do that.

Stuart will home in on the most interesting and exciting elements of your experiences and help you present them in a way that leaves the judges longing to know more about you, your team and your business. More important, if they don’t need your services themselves, they’ll be so impressed with you that they’ll gladly recommend you to their own friends and colleagues. In a situation like that, everybody wins.

Looking to win this year on the Microsoft stage?  Call Stuart today to book a time to discuss how he can help you with your Microsoft award submissions.

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