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If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

It’s great that you’ve achieved Microsoft Partner status, an honour that not all managed services providers (MSP) receive. If you’re one of the rare 5% with a competency or two under your belt, that’s even better. But what good is this achievement if you don’t market it to your clients and prospects?

Managed services provider businesses that have achieved Microsoft competencies have proven their expertise by passing rigorous exams and successfully applying their skills and knowledge in real-life client situations. They are certified IT experts in the latest technologies and solutions, and they have access to Microsoft technical support and product teams that will help them to deliver the best solutions to their clients. Who wouldn’t want his clients and prospects to know this?

Microsoft has started a digital Web campaign that will benefit both customers and members of the Microsoft Partner Network. If you don’t already have a profile in Microsoft Pinpoint, I recommend you create one as soon as possible. Partners who have achieved competencies get priority ranking in this marketplace where small-business owners from all industries and locations can come to find IT experts. As with a LinkedIn profile, there are strategies, such as SEO, to make a Pinpoint profile standout from the crowd.

Another campaign that Microsoft recently got underway is the Ready-to-Go Marketing campaign that helps MSPs to effectively market their competency achievements to their clients and prospects. You’ve earned these bragging rights. If exercised in the right way, your MSP business could achieve phenomenal success.

People are looking for skilled, experienced IT professionals who they can trust to satisfy all of their IT needs. As a Microsoft partner with competency achievements, you and your team have proven that you have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help them. So, when it comes to a coveted Microsoft competency — as the saying goes — “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

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