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I stumbled upon this interview with Luis Alvarez, top IT consultant in Salinas, CA on the Rebecca Costa show from this week and it really struck a chord with me.

I have a friend who has been out of work for a very long time, someone who is very talented in their field.  However, they continued to struggle to find a job.  Why?

I have some theories on how people look for work and why some of the best, talented people sit unemployed for months.  It is because they are lazy, maybe.  There is always some degree of that in everything we do.  This is the key separator from those who have stratospheric success versus those who simply “get by”.  Laziness is a horrible disease in today’s culture.

But the biggest challenge is how people rely on technology to find a job and how we have forgotten the art of relationship building.  This is also why superstar sales professionals are superstars.  Relationships and creating connections is how the world spins.

Listen to this interview with Luis Alvarez and Rebecca Costa, it is amazing and eye-opening for anyone searching for work today.

We have to stop being so dependant on computers and Internet, use them to our advantage, leverage our social networks…but people…get off your butts every once in a while…like for 8 hours a day and create something special with people.

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