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Many of us have great stories that go untold.  We are often the best kept secret.

It is true, we are a humble bunch so shameless self promotion doesn’t come easy.

But, you have to tell your story folks.  Share the great work you have done with your clients.  Let everyone know how great you are.

One of the tools available to you is what I call “The Project Spotlight”.  This is a brief writeup that you use to showcase the work you have done.  Doesn’t have to be long…but you need something that you can take on a sales call or publish online.

Don’t be the best kept secret.

Here are some examples.

What stories can you tell?  Do you have a story similar to IS Support, Magnicom or CTECH?

Where have you helped a client and how many others out there have the same problem?

Project Spotlights are easy and a great way to win new opportunities.  They also become great sources of information for your business newsletter and blog.

If you have questions about how to best use Project Spotlights in your MSP Marketing give me a call 416.840.9106.

Stuart Crawford
Your MSP Coach and Business Development Professional 


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