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Acadia Wellness Centre offers chiropractic and alternative health services to patients in Calgary through their registered massage therapists, holistic health specialists, and NUCCA-Certified Chiropractors.  Dr. Travis Cox owns and runs this very busy clinic, and he didn’t have the time to worry about IT.

Dr. Cox and his staff were frustrated with their current IT provider due to their lack of support and ineffective service that resulted in costly IT downtimes. Their IT system was literally falling apart. The IT provider never took ownership of the poor work that they did—however they did try to sell Dr. Cox on new software instead!  But, smartly, Dr. Cox knew better and said “No!” He had no confidence in their abilities.  It was time for a new IT provider.

Calgary IT Services From CTECH Was Different Than All the Others  

In his search for a reliable and capable IT partner, Dr. Cox interviewed a number of companies.  But after interviewing them he still wasn’t happy.  He went online and found CTECH and asked them what they could do to help.  After speaking with Carl from CTECH it was obvious to Dr. Cox that they were the right choice.  Unlike the others, CTECH performed a very thorough analysis of Acadia’s technology needs.  The other providers didn’t even offer to do this.  Plus, Carl from CTECH said that he would be happy to act as a liaison with Acadia’s many third-party vendors.  The other IT companies said they didn’t want to do this.  Dr. Cox knew that CTECH would go the “extra mile” for them and didn’t trust that the other IT providers would. So he chose CTECH.

The IT Situation at Acadia Wellness Centre Was a Literal Mess!

  • CTECH discovered that the Centre’s IT wiring was unorganized and unsecure. Their cumbersome IT system went through four separate hubs and switches. It looked like a tangled rat’s nest!
  • There data wasn’t secure because everything was saved to a retail Network Attached Storage (NAS).
  • In addition, the employees at the Centre were forced to use Google and Hotmail accounts via the Internet for their email, because the previous IT provider hadn’t set up their Outlook correctly.
  • The Internet would go down for hours on ends so often that it was becoming acceptable to not be able to work for a couple days a month.

CTECH Got Right To Work—There Was A Lot To Do! 

  • Carl contacted all of Acadia’s third party vendors to ensure the new server and technologies they were implementing would be compatible with the software that was already in place.
  • CTECH had to rewire the entire system before anything else could be attended to. They ensured each desktop went to only one switch instead of four.  This gave the clinic a solid base and dramatically reduced the number of internet failures.
  • They installed a reliable Dell server that now ensures all the doctors and therapists are able to access important information from each of the PCs throughout the office.  All data is now backed up and secured.
  • CTECH also installed impressive 23-inch touch screen monitors with extendable arms in all the patient rooms so the staff can input real time medical information and provide it to their patients during appointments. The information can be shown to the Centre’s patients in real time, which portrays a very professional and high-tech image to patients, and is now a huge selling feature for Acadia.
  • CTECH installed Microsoft Office 365 with a properly installed Microsoft Outlook to provide a common way to access email.  Also, staff now have the ability to share contacts, calendars, and email. 
  • They also implemented a reliable backup service in an off-site location to protect the Centre against data loss. CTECH monitors the Acadia’s data 24 hours a day, every day, to ensure their data is always secured and backed up properly. In addition the Centre’s staff now has access to CTECH’s 24×7 Help Desk.

Now there’s no more “break fix” IT service for Acadia.  With CTECH they have 24×7 IT Managed Service and Support, a stable, fast and very responsive IT system, and all of this for a cost-effective, predictable monthly fee!

Dr. Cox and the Acadia’s employees no longer worry about technology issues. With a stable and secure IT infrastructure, and responsive support from CTECH, they are more productive and much happier!

“Microsoft Outlook is more comprehensive, and it’s integrated with Office 365 providing more ease of use, and more features,” said Dr. Cox.  “The touchscreen monitors are more efficient and less cluttered without the keyboard and mouse. They’re also more interactive for better patient education and an enhanced experience.”

Dr. Cox went on to say:

“Carl and CTECH are amazing!  They’re always one step ahead of what we need so we’re never caught short!  Plus, other IT providers say they provide 24×7 support but they don’t.  CTECH does! They stand behind their word. Carl and CTECH are just phenomenal!  I’m a business owner, and I’m also a dad and a husband. I now get to spend less time worrying about the tech stuff and have more time to focus on my business and family!”

Are you frustrated with your current IT provider, their lack of responsiveness, ineffective and costly IT services, and unacceptable downtimes?  Then it’s time to make a change.  Look to the best IT provider in Calgary — Look to CTECH. For more information about CTECH’s managed IT services call (403) 457-1478 (toll-free at (877) 455-1478.) Or complete our web form at: https://www.ctechgroup.ca/

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