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Lead conversion MSPsWhat criteria do prospects consider when deciding what Managed Service Provider (MSP) to hire? What prompts them to make their final decision? Is it what you’re offering, or is it your ability to sell your services and products?

It’s how you sell your services and products that get you the sale. You must increase the prospect’s perceived value of your services and products. To do this, follow these 10 simple steps:

  1. Educate the Prospect About New Ideas:  Provide the prospect new ideas that will encourage him or her to think positively about your company, service or product.
  2. Connect With The Prospect: Make a connection with the prospect; ask them questions to determine their wants, needs, and organizational goals.
  3. Listen To The Prospect: Listen intently to really hear what the prospect need and wants.
  4. Ensure You Understand Their Needs: Ensure you understand what the prospect needs and wants to do, where they’re going, and what they’d like to achieve.
  5. Be Honest and Relay Information Accurately: This is about building trust and setting expectations. Encourage the prospect to trust you, and to appreciate your advice and knowledge by relaying information accurately and honestly.
  6. Collaborate With The Prospect: The prospect wants to be part of the solution. Collaborate with the prospect to find a solution that works rather than selling to them. Work together to achieve mutual goals.
  7. Provide a Compelling Solution: Make sure the prospect understands that what you’re selling will help them achieve their desired outcome.
  8. Help the Prospect Avoid Pitfalls: Be honest and let them know the potential downfalls of a solution (if there are any). In this way you’ll build trust and set realistic expectations.
  9. Persuade the Prospect That They’ll Achieve The Results They’re Looking For: First, give the prospect an idea of what the end result will be if they use your product or service. Second, persuade them that these results are completely achievable with your help.
  10. The Value Your Company Provides: Maximize the prospect’s perception of the value of your services. Then position your services favorably against your competitors.

Above all, the most important part of selling MSP services is to increase the perceived value of your services and products. You must prove to the prospect that your services and products will outshine those of your competitors.

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