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Author: Stuart R. Crawford

Orlando SEO

Hello and welcome to this page. Why are you here? Because you literally typed “Orlando SEO” into Google and this was one of the first pages you found. If you are the least bit impressed, then imagine how much more impressed you would be if someone typed in the right combination of keywords and [...] | Read More

Battery technology has come a long way in the past several decades. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are a pretty amazing feat of engineering, offering high capacity, low power leakage, and comparatively long life. That said, they aren’t perfect, and they don’t last forever. Getting the most use [...] | Read More

Excel is a powerful application, but because it can do so much it can be easy to miss certain features that could make your life much simpler. Today’s quick tech blog shows you one of these features. We’ll look at how to copy cell formatting in Microsoft Excel without disturbing the contents of [...] | Read More


What does it take to create an award-winning MSP with a stellar record of expansion over several decades? Ash Bonebrake and Brian Loughlin of Intelice recently chatted with Stuart Crawford, Founder and CEO of Ulistic -- and some of their answers to this question may surprise you. Differentiating you[...] | Read More

  Outlook Mobile is a powerful mobile version of Microsoft’s popular Outlook application. Microsoft has provided users a standalone email app that’s packed with a real depth of features. Today we’re looking at how to quickly RSVP to meeting invites using Outlook Mobile. The best and quicke[...] | Read More

Are your headlines evoking emotion in your audience? A ho-hum headline will cause your audience to tune out -- quickly! See how to reel them back in with words.   Are your emails and blog posts getting the attention that they deserve? Your audience might be skimming right over your headlines, es[...] | Read More

Mammoth DOCX Wordpress

  Microsoft Word is one of the best productivity and content editing tools on the planet, but that doesn't mean it is perfect -- by any stretch! One of the key frustrations for content creators are the HTML leftovers that tend to travel with any Word document. You know what happens: you w[...] | Read More

MSP Marketing Essentials

  For more than 17 years, Stuart Crawford has been the Founder and CEO of Ulistic and a leading voice in the IT MSP marketing industry. IT marketing -- is that really a thing? According to Stuart it certainly is, and a crucial part of every MSP business. Without the right marketing ta[...] | Read More

Do Not Disturb on Android can do more than you might expect. Here’s how to enable and customize Do Not Disturb on your Android device.   Today’s quick tech blog explains how to enable Do Not Disturb on Android devices. We’ll also give a basic explanation of how to customize this feature, maki[...] | Read More

Are you willing to pay the piper when it comes to cyberattacks? Despite the growing number of cyberattacks on small- and medium-sized businesses, there is still a lack of awareness or proactive defense of the networks, computer systems, applications and devices being used. This inattention means it[...] | Read More

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