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Month: June 2013

Thank you to Alexander Ford from InfinIT Solutions, a Calgary IT Service organization for his awesome write up from our Calgary managed services event.  Consider joining Ulistic at any of our monthly events held across the United States and Canada.  Register now. Last week I had the opportunity t[...] | Read More

Did Calgary, Alberta, Canada ever get a wake up call this week?  Rain combined with melting snow caps in the Canadian Rocky Mountains created a disaster of epic proportion not seen in Calgary in many generations (never experienced by me in my 20 years of living in Calgary).  Raging flood waters fo[...] | Read More

First, Cultivate Your Relationships With Prospects. You’ve made the decision to promote your business by offering a workshop, and you’re extremely excited about working with so many people within your area of expertise. You’ve prepared all the materials for your workshop, advertised it using e[...] | Read More

Download all the slides and information from our Calgary Managed Services Workshop. Enter your email below and you will have a download to all slides emailed to you within 1 hour. Online Form - Calgary MSP Event SlidesWeb Form Creator Would you like to learn how to: Have a MSP Sales close rate o[...] | Read More

People often speak of presentations as if they were selling. However, in order to obtain the end effect you’re looking for—to turn a prospect into a client—it’s important to understand the difference between the two: Presenting: The style or manner in which something is offered, displayed o[...] | Read More

Williamsville, NY, June 2013—Ulistic offers IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) a wealth of new business opportunities by providing them marketing strategies and tactics that can help them generate serious recurring revenues. MSPs who want to grow their business and obtain the service revenue the[...] | Read More

Have you ever been in a place where you felt like the people who surrounded you weren’t speaking your “language?” This can occur when traveling abroad and you find that critical information is going by you at an accelerated rate. Or perhaps in a situation that isn’t so obvious—such as when[...] | Read More

So, you’ve been asked to speak at an important event,your local chamber of commerce or an industry association. What a fantastic opportunity to talk about your MSP business! For many managed service providers, it’s too bad that you rarely speak in such a formal setting, and instead of being exci[...] | Read More

Sorry for the interruption to your Sunday morning.  But I just had to get this out.   Ulistic provides newsletter services to managed service providers and during this month's review of CTECH's CEO address by Carl Fransen, I became inspired and needed to share this with entire managed services[...] | Read More

As a managed service provider, you’re probably aware of how much has changed in the complex world of sales. “The Harvard Business Review” even wrote an article declaring that we’re at ‘The End of Solution Sales,’ saying that the concept of solutions in selling is over.  However, they di[...] | Read More

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