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Month: June 2012

I wrote this article for the folks at MSP Help Desk the other day…would love to hear what you have to say. Robert Dutt wrote a great article last week on branding and marketing your MSP.  Mr. Dutt hit the nail on the head when he said that many times MSP companies are shielded by or, in some ca[...] | Read More

Many of us have great stories that go untold.  We are often the best kept secret. It is true, we are a humble bunch so shameless self promotion doesn't come easy. But, you have to tell your story folks.  Share the great work you have done with your clients.  Let everyone know how great you are.[...] | Read More

Hello Everyone: The first MSP video is ready!  The first in a long series of videos for managed IT services provider looking at making a connection with their client base. Do you want this for your website?  Well you can have one branded with your company logos and company information.  Email Ul[...] | Read More

I have played around with a great tool called MindMeister for the past little while. This is an online resource that allows you to get stuff out of your head and onto a virtual sheet of paper.  I was originally looking for an online decision tree application but found this and bought it right away[...] | Read More

Maintaining the safety and security of client passwords is one of the biggest challenges that faces managed IT services providers (MSPs), especially when their clients’ companies start growing and expanding to other cities, states or provinces, or even countries. PASSPORTAL is the solution to the[...] | Read More

Is search engine optimization important in todays socially connected world? Does it really matter where your IT services business ranks online?  This is an argument that would go on forever.  Google continues to mess with search algorithms on a regular basis and who really cares about BING and th[...] | Read More

Great Article on Server Virtualization – You can use it on your blog, newsletter and all of your marketing. Our team at Ulistic has a great article you can use on your blog, newsletter or in your MSP marketing. You are free to use this as you need, no restrictions.  Have fun with it.  OK, w[...] | Read More

When was the last time you wrote a project spotlight or case study? Do you have a library of  how you help business succeed through your solutions and products sold? How does your MSP stand out from the crowd? Many MSP firms and IT organization don’t a healthy library of client success stori[...] | Read More

Master Your MSP by MASTERING YOUR SKILLS TODAY! FREE FOR ALL MSPs TO ATTEND!!!! With the right skills , you can easily run a successful managed services business. How are your skills?  How do you rank your skill set? Attend this event and start to master your MSP with the right skills: A great[...] | Read More

James Moutsos said "Very informative. Thanks again Stuart." Master Your MSP by MASTERING YOUR SKILLS TODAY! FREE FOR ALL MSPs TO ATTEND!!!! SPECIAL GUEST TRAINER:  Dr. Bob Acton from Obair Leadership.  Teaching two sessions.  Read Dr. Acton's bio and CV here.  Read Dr. Acton's Blog here. [cap[...] | Read More

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